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Saturday, October 20

10:30am PDT

Using AI to provide insights and recommendations from activity data
Brief Description: In the customer age, being able to extract relevant communications information in real-time and cross reference it with context is key.
This presentation will explain how Salesforce is using data science and engineering to monitor Salespeople activities in real-time and surface insights and recommendations across products.

Salesforce is developing Einstein which is an artificial intelligence (AI) capability built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. Einstein helps power the world’s smartest CRM to deliver advanced AI capabilities to sales, services, and marketing teams – helping them discover new insights, predict likely outcomes to power smarter decision making, recommend next steps, and automate workflows so users can focus on building meaningful relationships with every customer.
In this presentation, we will explain how Salesforce Einstein Activity Platform combines activity data (such as emails) with contextual knowledge from users and CRM data to provide real time insights and recommended actions.
We will go over use cases, high level architecture and how a variety of technologies (data engineering, data science, graph processing, NLP, machine learning and deep learning) are combined together to support Salesforce applications.

avatar for Alexis Roos

Alexis Roos

Director Data Science, Salesforce
Alexis is director of data science and machine learning at salesforce where he is leading a team of data scientists and engineers delivering Intelligent services for Einstein platform. Alexis has over twenty years of engineering and management experience including 13 years at Sun... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 10:30am - 11:00am PDT
Ballroom # 406

11:30am PDT

Democratizing AI and DL with Watson Studio
AI holds enormous power to transform our world and the businesses
leading the future. However, AI can only have this impact if it is
easily accessible and can be applied with purpose. The democratization
of AI and Deep Learning, combined with an improved understanding of its
usage and growing consumer trust, will help to break down current
barriers to make it easy to integrate AI into the enterprise

IBM Watson Studio is an integrated AI platform to build and train AI &
machine learning models, prepare and analyze data - all in a flexible,
hybrid cloud environment. The new Forrester Wave Report examines
Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Platforms and ranks IBM Watson
Studio as the leader.

In this session, you will learn how to use these new offerings to solve
real-world business problems and infuse AI into your business to drive

avatar for Andrew Zhang

Andrew Zhang

Watson Cloud Advocate, IBM
Andrew Zhang is an IBM Watson Cloud Advocate. He has many years of experience in cloud, analytics, machine learning, and blockchain. He advises and advocates enterprise and startup companies on emerging technologies and implementation practices. Andrew is a frequent speaker on topics... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 11:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Ballroom # 406

12:00pm PDT

Production Ready Real-Time Recommendations in About a Month
At Joymode it took a machine learning data scientist and a fraction of a cloud devops engineer about a month to build the leanest customer facing, real-time personalization engine we could devise. In this presentation I will describe the end-to-end solution, which includes Docker for environment management, Jupyter and Papermill for batch training matrix factorization models, and Flask for delivering the recommendations via a RESTful web service. I'll also cover the strategic bets we are making, like dynamic prototyping, long term AB testing, and extremely rapid delivery of AI solutions for in-flight iteration.

avatar for William High

William High

Head of Data Science, Joymode
Will is Head of Data Science at Joymode in Los Angeles. He was previously a data scientist at Netflix LA and occasionally serves as a pro bono Data Ambassador for DataKind. Will received a PhD in astrophysics from Harvard and a BA from Berkeley and has held research posts at Caltech... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT
Ballroom # 408A

1:00pm PDT

AI for Earth: Land Cover Mapping
Conservationists use land cover maps to quantify environmental changes like deforestation and urban development. Most land cover maps are currently made by applying rule-based classifiers to overhead imagery: this low-accuracy approach that requires manual curation, often delaying the publication of new maps by 3+ years. In this session, we will introduce the goals of Microsoft’s AI for Earth grant program and describe our work designing a high-resolution semantic segmentation model to perform land cover mapping for the Chesapeake Conservancy. Professionals in the artificial intelligence space may benefit from our discussion of lessons learned in expanding training and inference to the national scale (100+ TB imagery / 100+ K80 GPUs). Attendees will learn where to obtain our trained models, code, and methods; try out land cover mapping with our API; and apply for AI for Earth funding for their own projects.

avatar for Mary Wahl

Mary Wahl

Data Scientist II, Microsoft
Microsoft’s AI for Earth team provides resources and technical expertise that enable NGOs to bring AI to critical problems in conservation biology and environmental science. As a data scientist on the AI for Earth team, Mary has implemented distributed training and crowdsourced... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 1:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Ballroom # 406

1:30pm PDT

Keeping Human in Technology, Unbiased AI, Security IoT challenges, Autonomous, AI Challenges, New Jobs, What the Future Holds, AI Organizational Strategy
From a Global and Enterprise perspective of Government, Universities, Private, Enterprises, and Individuals, AI has become a source of every conversation and has quite a few misconceptions.
We are implementing narrow AI in many cases that are data driven decisions and still far off from general AI.
As we forge on, there are multiple things to consider.
A. The state of AI
B. Where we are heading in the next 5-8 years
C. What is Expected
D. What it is not
E. What are the challenges
F. AI Strategy for Organizations - What to Look for? Where to Start?
G. New Jobs/Products
H. Forecasting from top organizations (IBM/Google/Microsoft/Amazon/Forrester/Sony; Universities such as Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley; Government approaches what Las Vegas and Los Angeles is implementing; Security Measures)

avatar for Erika Steele

Erika Steele

IT Futurologist/Certified MIT AI Strategist, Oxford Road
Erika is Executive Producer of over 15 internationally acclaimed global films and series, as well as CEO, COO of companies, promoter, engineer, business adviser, futurologist, strategist, and Certified in Artificial Intelligence Organizational Strategy from MIT. Ameritech, Viacom... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 1:30pm - 2:00pm PDT
Ballroom # 403A + Conference Registration + Open talk

2:30pm PDT

Control Automation with Reinforcement Learning and Engineering Simulation
The complexity of controlling machineries with sophisticated rules in manufacturing and hard technologies makes them a good candidate for Reinforcement Learning (RL). This has the potential to generate billions of dollars in increased performance and efficiency. RL algorithms usually require a lot of trials and it is expensive and dangerous to run physical trials. Using RL and industrial simulation will not only optimize the rules of operating for more efficiency and time saving, it also can disrupt manufacturing by developing new methods that require less complicated machinery. The proposed solution is an RL as a service that is catered toward control engineers. We used a problem in rocket engines to develop a proof of concept. The goal was to develop a control loop for a system that mixes two fluids (oxygen and methane) and adapt to changing requirements for the output of the mixer. The platform will generate a rule to control inputs to the mixer in response to changes in the requirement for output.

avatar for Edward Mehr

Edward Mehr

CEO, Cyberpunk Lab
Edward Mehr is an entrepreneur and engineer with a background in smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence. He is the founder and CEO of Cyberpunk Lab, a company that provides AI solutions in manufacturing. He also runs a postdoctoral fellowship for Data Science where academics... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 2:30pm - 3:00pm PDT
Ballroom # 406

3:30pm PDT

How businesses are leveraging Google Cloud AI to think big and transform – using ML to improve the taste of beer!
Manju and Raj will share how Google Cloud AI is being leveraged for business transformation across Retail, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Industries. For example, Learn how machine learning and Ai is used to optimize the beer manufacturing process. This use cases have a direct impact on the production line and identifying downtime of equipment and huge impact on cost, time and quality of beer being produced. The role of the of machine learning and Ai is to improve the manufacturing process while in turn improves the quality while driving higher ROI through the undisruptive production process. Listen to experts on how keras Deep Learning was used with classifications of good parts vs. bad parts using Tensorflow. The model will be deployed to Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine where it will make predictions about the new data that is fed every day with an interactive dashboard using Data Studio.

avatar for Manju Devadas

Manju Devadas

Founder & CEO, Pluto7
Manju Devadas is the founder/CEO of Pluto7 which is one of the top 5 breakthrough partner of the year award by Google with ML and AI focus. He has overall 17+ years experience in predictive analytics and as an Executive, Technology Leader and Architect he has helped companies with... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 3:30pm - 4:00pm PDT
Ballroom # 406

4:00pm PDT

Machine, Stategy, and You: AI & Our Future
Big Data, Robotics and Artificial intelligence are coming from every direction. This fact filled, actionable and eye-opening talk explores the relationship between our strategies to win, the role of machines in our future and fears of machine mastery. The session provides the audience with choices and decision drivers regarding AI and our collective future. The audience will leave with a new found faith in the future.

avatar for Sid Mohasseb

Sid Mohasseb

CEO, Anabasis
I am a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, author, speaker, and thought leader on artificial intelligence and data analytics. My book, The Caterpillar’s Edge, was published last year and is being used at universities around the world. The book revolves around the topic of business... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 4:00pm - 4:30pm PDT
Ballroom # 403A + Conference Registration + Open talk

4:30pm PDT

AI in Digital Transformation Journey: Make Two Millennia of Live Conversation Searchable
Advancements in AI, which is driven by deep learning, are enabling enterprise companies to transform their workflow. In this talk, we will discuss how AI can change the customer contact centers that record millions of calls per day. The Gridspace Sift conversational search system is designed to search through billions of minutes of long-form, conversational speech data. The core technology allows for complex searches that combine semantic and signal information, and a method for executing constraints on time, logical structure, and metadata. The live demo highlighting use cases will be demonstrated. Also, we will introduce our ongoing work for other emerging problems on our journey for digital-transforming the industry including capturing emotions from conversation and building dialogue systems for human-like interactive voice systems(IVR).

avatar for Wonkyum Lee

Wonkyum Lee

lead Software Engineer, Gridspace
Wonkyum Lee is Lead ASR Engineer at Gridspace, working on deep learning for various tasks in speech recognition, speech synthesis and NLP. He likes to write code and to play with GPUs. He studied at Carnegie Mellon University with the focus on automatic speech recognition and deep... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 4:30pm - 5:00pm PDT
Ballroom # 406

4:30pm PDT

Real-time Application of Deep Learning in Colonoscopy
Until recently, AI has not impacted time-sensitive procedures such as colonoscopy, during which potentially precancerous lesions can be missed in the blink of an eye. We will present our development and validation of multiple real-time AIs during colonoscopy to improve procedure quality and eliminate colorectal cancer. We envision a future where doctors can be doctors, and focus on the patient while letting AI take care of the rest. To that effect, we are developing AI differently, with a focus on assisting with the simplest and most important tasks.

Algorithm development is the first step, but making it function smoothly in a physician's already busy workflow is the biggest challenge. Toward that end, we've designed a new system architecture that enables several AIs to run simultaneously in real-time with no lag or framedrop, and have designed the AI to integrate seamlessly into workflow to reduce redundacy of documentation and can be turned on with a single button press.

avatar for William Karnes

William Karnes

Chief Medical Officer/ Clinical Professor, UC Irvine
I am a gastroenterologist with a primary interest in colorectal cancer prevention. After several years as Director of Research in the Colorectal Neoplasia Clinic at the Mayo Clinic, I was recruited to UCI in 2012 to spearhead efforts to reduce colorectal cancer burden in Orange County... Read More →

Saturday October 20, 2018 4:30pm - 5:00pm PDT
Ballroom # 403A + Conference Registration + Open talk