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Jesse Mauck

CIO of Verse Vault, Founder
I am the founder of Zigr- a digital marketing & iot consultancy company. I created a website that offers numerous services in digital marketing, consulting on cyber security, Web & App development including blockchain and ICO Marketing. Although the platform is not finished we have our own encrypted | Anonymous operation system being built and provide hosting from our servers. My success started 1.5 years ago when I saw something in cryptocurrency that made me want to get in. I started as an affiliate marketer and made my success by using my social media profiles to market each promotional offer. Ironically at the time I wasn’t aware that some of the techniques that I used I would 1 year later be pitching to businesses in my workshops. I now have an ICO as a client and get continually asked for consulting on High ticket digital assets like premium domains & ICO marketing campaigns. In my free time I like to research the internet & continually educate myself on today’s top technology trends. I look forward to Web 3.0.